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Rob Nunnery

What I'm Doing Now

This is updated June 10, 2024 from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


I have a little break in between tournaments now as the NYC APP finished a few weeks ago. Susannah and I earned a bronze medal and Richard and I made it to the quarters. 

Next up is the APP Newport Beach Major. I'm playing with Susannah again and another new men's partner, Erik Pailet. 


After spending a week in Bristol, Tn working from the Bristol Sportsplex, I'm back down in Ponte Vedra Beach. Malan and I are scooting up to Indy and back Wed-Fri to see CC22 play on Thursday night. It has been so fun going to her games, especially with the court side seats we have.


I am helping out a facility in Bristol, TN grow their pickleball program by spending a week there each month. It has been a fun and rewarding project. I've been involved with the build out of their outdoor facility with a stadium court. 

Matt, the owner, built an awesome podcast studio where we can record content. 

We have Playsight cameras and equipment being sent to the Plex, so we'll have a studio court where I can create a lot of on court content.

I accepted a role with UTR Sports to lead their growth and activation in pickleball. I'm really enjoying being a part of a team that is so committed to the growth of the sport at the grassroots level with APP and USAP as partners.

I'm thinking about bringing back the newsletter, but in a different fashion. Maybe more analysis of matches and what I'm observing in the sport. Less personal, eek.

Malan and I are launching a podcast called the Clarkonomics Podcast. We will be following Caitlin Clark's career and the impact and ripple effects that she is having on women's sports as a whole.

I have a new podcast with Selkirk launching called Behind The Paddle. I interview key players in pickleball to understand who they are and learn about the journey they've been on.

I'm doing a fair amount more of coaching which I'm actually enjoying, surprisingly. I am taking on a select few virtual clients that are really motivated to improve and creating a roadmap with goals to make it happen.

Yeah, I think that's it lol

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